Music Stage

The Laughing Willow has a 10'x 24' outdoor stage designed for a variety of purposes. Musicians have predominately utilized the stage by entertaining visitors who shop, eat or simply stroll through the district. Bishop Arts draws large crowds of all ages, especially on the weekends.

The Laughing Willow is looking to partner with a variety of talented musicians who enjoy performing in this festive atmosphere. Musicians are welcome to promote their name, distribute promotional material, talk about upcoming shows, pass out cards, literature, etc during their gig.

If you are musically talented and interested in giving our venue a try, please feel free to contact us at 972-849-9764 for details. Please provide links to your online music as this helps in our selection process. 

Below are a few pics of musicians and other artists (in no particular order) who have performed recently on The Laughing Willow music stage.

Dallas Neo-Classical Ballet

1PM Band Pernell Moore, Micah Eddy, Derek Borden

Fellowship Church worship team

Fellowship Church worship team

Fellowship Church worship team

Megan Ochoa

Hula Haze

Caleb Ward

Maya Piata

Grand Prairie Fine Arts Academy

Grand Prairie Fine Arts Academy

Ben Coleman

Oak Cliff Dance

Oak Cliff Dance

K Cooks / Dana Harper

Chima / Dana Harper

Maddison Grigsby

Maddison Grigsby

Cinema For The Blind

Maurice Curtis

Maurice Curtis and impromptu dancers from the crowd

Kenna Denease and Mateo Young (Rockwall School of Rock)

Kenna Denease and Mateo Young (Rockwall School of Rock)

Jon Danforth

Tyler Hook

Ladarius Daniels

Ladarius Daniels

Lady Diamond

Mikaela Neubauer (Grand Prairie Fine Arts Academy)

Zoe Arroyo and Jacob Serrano (Grand Prairie Fine Arts Academy)

Jacob Serrano and Paul Colman

Paul Colman

Cameron Tarvin

Cassidy Kid

Mitchell Ferguson

Ellen Once Again

Mekeyas Newaye

Troy Grant and _one_music

Karla and the Compass Lost Band

Kendall Bowser

Raymone Sanders, Nick Dace, Josh Chiweda

Steven Timothy

Nhagii Degrate and Courtlin Murphy

Tippy Balady

Robert Baker and friends from Fellowship Church

Caleb Scott

Alyssa and Ariana Braddom

Chas Tackett

Robin Willis - Blues, Love and Trouble

David Jon Hartmann

Joseph Naghwai and Matt Pavelka

(L to R) Jared Scott, Joe Jarvis, Kayla Aina, Hayden Sullivan, Tylor Ritz, Rachel Simons, Matt Goode and Parnell Moore

Some of these SAGU students will be traveling to Europe this summer on a missions trip.

WilliamMarie Music

Emma Walsh

Emma and Frankie

Emily and Natalie Woods

David Tribble Music

Matt and Joanie Oakes
Kolton Fields and Ben Livingston

Ziion Band

The Laughing Willow 10' x 24' performance stage