Thanks & Gathering

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Whether you are gathering together this Thanksgiving with friends or family, we can help you create a masterful centerpiece or table scape to make it extra special! Plus we've got an easy way to whip up some purple hull peas you'll love...a southern classic. We just harvested ours and are enjoying some now and freezing the rest for later. There's nothing like freshly picked purple hull peas! They're my favorite!


First, before you begin getting ready for the crew, don't forget to remember what Thanksgiving is all about. I suggest a jar of gratefulness. In the shop, we grabbed a wide mouth jar to fill with thanks hoping to encourage our staff as well as customers to write down what they are thankful for. It's a great way to get us in a better mindset for Thanksgiving so we can enjoy the time we will have with our family and friends. At home, you can all take a turn pulling out a note of gratefulness and reading them to one another too. 

Gratitude Jar


Second, get ready to cook with the best aprons! We have aprons you can wear any time you cook...from canvas to cotton. Our canvas aprons are perfect for more than just cooking too. Wear it out in the garden or in your creative space. Whatever works for you! But we are sure you will enjoy them and enjoy giving them as gifts too. Click here to snap up an apron today! 



Next, Let's get your table scape ready! What will make your friends and family feel welcome? We have a few items here you'll love to add to your centerpiece or table scape for sure! We like a little "home-cooking feel with a little whimsy look." Clean and simple, but with the serving ware and plates and such, it makes for a homey and welcoming ambience for all. 

The Laughing Willow Home Decor



And lastly, Purple Hull Peas! Not much fuss...just use salt, pork or bacon and sugar to taste and go! That's it!

Keep it easy and simple with at least one of your sides this year! 

Purple Hull Peas



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