Why The Laughing Willow?

Posted by Melody Ginn on

Often I am asked the question, how did you get the name The Laughing Willow? In that moment I feel a quick rush of “I need something spectacular”. But it is really a very simple answer.

My daughter, who is also our buyer, said, “Mom, we need a name that is earthy, something crunchy…that goes with the artsy environment of the Bishop Arts District.” Then she blurred it out, “The Laughing Willow!” I said, “Oh my goodness, I love that name.” She quickly replied, “…not really. I was just thinking how my favorite tree to play under when I was a little girl was the weeping willow. I was just kidding.”

that very moment I knew that was the name. We were transitioning from a bridal and prom boutique named after my grandmother which has so much meaning. When people would ask how I got the name, Emma’s, it was always a very sweet story to tell.

This has become a very sweet story too. The memories of my little girl having a whimsical little dancing spirit under the weeping willow tree are memories to treasure. And now she is all grown up with children of her own swinging and playing under the trees.


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